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Introducing World Congress for the management of Post-Stroke Spasticity, a one-of-a-kind experience that brings together talented and influential leaders and professionals. Explore this site to learn about key speakers, the event schedule, useful tips and more.

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The first World Congress for the management of Post Stroke Spasticity

Stroke is ranked as the second leading cause of death worldwide with an annual mortality rate of about 5.5 million. Not only does the burden of stroke lie in the high mortality but the high morbidity also results in up to 50% of survivors being chronically disabled. Thus stroke is a disease of immense public health importance with serious economic and social consequences. The public health burden of stroke is set to rise over future decades because of demographic transitions of populations, particularly in developing countries. In the next few decades, the burden of stroke in the developing world including developed nations and the underdeveloped nations partly due to ongoing demographic changes, including ageing of the population and health transitions.

The first congress will provide a platform for discussions among the multi-disciplinary professional teams to engage in the following areas:-

  1. Research

  2. Technology in managing spasticity

  3. Education and Updates

  4. Spasticity reduction strategies

  5. Multidisciplinary pathways for stroke spasticity management